My name is Ryan Callis, and I am the choir coordinator,

The Look Up Gospel Choir is the name, or moniker of my over all body of work as a visual artist.

This website is my attempt to document all of the art that I make, and have made over the last 15-20 years.

Most of what I make are paintings, as I am heavily invested in the history and conversation of painting in particular.  But I was raised on Jesus, punk rock, graffiti, surf culture, and other outside ways of seeing the world, so my love of painting and drawing gets filtered through those forces.  I am very interested with my over all mode of operations in trying to spread the gospel of YES! in the world, to restore, to highlight, to explore, to dig up, all of what makes heaven here and now on earth, and putting visual language to it.  “Trying” being the key word.

I have a blog here, where I like to post what is influencing me, and more in depth stories about individual work.