I made a lot of work during this era.  I am still digging and trying to dig up images from my early years…There were shows in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Tokyo, television and movie placements, magazine write ups.  But I was young, naive, and just making, making, making, and keeping poor records of my work……

joey pic

circa 2004, a painting about history, oil and acrylic on panel, lives in Chicago with Joey Cruz…


Circa 2003, oil and acrylic on canvas, sold to someone somewhere…


circa 2002, mixed media on canvas, sold to someone out there…

575417_10202624664240471_1994068675_ncirca 2004, lives in Huntington Beach in this dining room, and I only have this photo…

artsyThis was a 48″ x 24″ painting, circa 2003, that lives in Huntington Beach CA


Circa 2004, mixed media on panel, lives in Los Angeles CA…


Circa 2004, oil and wood on canvas, whereabouts unknown….


Circa 2002, 24″ x 24″, paint on panel, private collection


Circa 2003, 24″ x 24″, paint on panel, private collection, Portland OR

01 detail02030701061932209_10203267202143517_441485935_n



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